Basic Guide to Essay Writing

January 20, 2020

An essay represents specific ideas and supports them with details and analysis. The basic format may include five paragraphs. Though it can vary according to the length of the essay. Usually, an essay comprised of three major sections: an introduction, body, and conclusion. To get more idea about the format you can contact any write essay for me service online.

Students are required to write essays in schools and colleges. Therefore, it is important to learn writing effective essays that communicate the objectives clearly.

Below mentioned is the basic guide to essay writing.

1.       Choose a Topic

Most of the professors assign topics to the students. However, if you get the opportunity to choose a topic yourself, always select the one of your interest.

Similarly, if you want to write a generic overview, go for a general topic. On the other hand, if you are required to compose a specific review, then the topic should be fairly specific.

Never choose just one topic. Instead, brainstorm the ideas and take some time to consider your choices. Choose the most relevant one as your final choice.

2.       Organize the Ideas

The correct way to draft essays is to organize your thoughts and ideas in one place. You can do this with the help of a diagram or an outline. Some people prefer to work with a flow diagram while others like a logical structure. After getting started, you can change the format if it does not suit you.

3.       Developing a Thesis Statement

After structuring your essay, its time to develop the thesis statement. A good statement states and describes your central argument that you will prove in your essay. Therefore, it should be clear, specific and to the point.

It also tells the readers that:

  • What the essay is about
  • What points you will make in your essay

4.       Introduction

It is the first section of your essay that introduces the audience to the idea you want to address. It also serves as the first impression of your writing piece.

Thus, the introductory paragraph should be impressive enough to grab the reader’s attention. Lastly, the sentences should clarify the opening statement.

5.       Body Paragraphs

The main body of the essay explains and describes your topic. Each paragraph should discuss a single idea because multiple ideas may confuse the reader. Moreover, all the details will be supported by a strong piece of evidence.

6.       Conclusion

It is the final paragraph of your essay that summarizes the entire essay. This section should also restate the thesis statement and demonstrate a closing statement.

However, avoid adding any new information that may leave an open-minded question in the reader’s mind. It is also considered the last impression of the essay to impress the audience.

The capability to write essays is as necessary as you proceed through high schools and colleges. If you understand the format given above, you will strengthen the ability to draft compelling essays. 

However, students who do not possess good writing skills, also take professional write my essay for me help. Most of the companies provide these services at affordable rates within the given deadline. Thus, take reliable help instead of risking your grades.


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